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Simple Three Step Process!

Step 1. Upload Your Data!

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Step 2. Process!

Natural Language Processing, Sentence Parser, Sentiment Analysis!

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Step 3. Analyze!

Select One or More Sentences, Export Everything!

Did you know...

Text-Analzyer is the only Online Natural Language Processing service that helps you tag sentences for export via our Click & Tell Sentence View; which help you refine results, quickly! When you try it, you just makes sense! It groups sentences by Sentiment or your Top 25 Positive, Neutral, or Negative Keywords!

Filters to refine results are everywhere! Parses sentences to create dynamic keyword filters! Any sentence, any keyword, all filters! And if that was not enough, combine them to create complex two word filters for the selected View and Sentiment! And when you think there might be something in those joined words, if they were flipped; we have that to!

Text-Analyzer...Finally a tool for everyone, from students to businesses to you...Find the nuggets in your data! Try it today! It's Online! Free!

Try It! It's Free! All we need is your email address. Setup instructions sent to your inbox.

Some Of Our Cool Features! Innovation That Works For You!




1 Year of Service!
  • Process and Store
    50 Files!
  • Processes up to
    100,000 Sentences Per File!
  • Export
    Positive, Neutral, Negative Sentences!
  • Export
    Conversations and Tokens!
  • Admin Account
    Add & Remove Files!

Frequently asked questions

We have included the most common answers to questions we have recieved at Text-Analyzer. If you still have an unanswered question please try our Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.

Top Questions

Enter you email in the Email Address input box and click the Signup button. We will setup a Free plan for the entered email address and send you a 'welcome' email. Simply click or tap the login url to get started in the welcome email. If you like Text-Analyzer, select a paid plan, make payment and we will link the 'free' account to the appropriate paid plan.

Upload your unstructured texts for Natural Language Processing or select a MS-Word or PDF document to give it a whirl. Or try our Hotel Reviews demo file. Or if you have a favourite web site that you would like to try, enter a URL into the tool and Text-Analyzer will download the sentences, clean things up and push the data into a file suitable for processing. Optionally upload unstructured texts from a file in .TAB format to see how things work or copy and paste text into a open textarea for processing.

There is really only one limitation with the Free Account, and that's the lack of an Admin account...You are limited to the upload of 3 files and the processing of 500 sentences each. To remove the file limit, simply upgrade to a Paid plan and we will send you Admin credentials, so that you can remove previously processed files...basically with a paid plan you can process an unlimited number of files up to the file and sentence limit. currently supports English. We use a customized version of the Apache OpenNLP Natural Language Processing engine. The Part of Speech tagging is based on Penn Treebank Parts Of Speech. We have our own customized Sentiment Analysis model that we find, has an accuracy of 80+ percent if your data is review based like Feedback, Emails, Surveys, News Articles or Chat Transcripts.
No we do not offer refunds...We feel that once you try the Free account, that should have given you plenty of time to try and make your executive decision to upgrade.

If you only need Text-Analyzer for a short period of time, subscribe and then cancel the subscription before the next payment. This gives you the option to use it for as long as you need it. If you cancel it, we revert your account to the Free plan; but you always have the option to reactivate it with a renewed subscription.

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